Sunday, January 23, 2011

New awning over the entertainment area

In the last week the awning has been installed to provide a cover to the entertainment area. I have learned that this is considered a fixed awning, as compared to a retractable one. And it is an awning as a pergola is a freestanding one.

Ignore the fact that there is no fence as this is still a work in progress as we wait on final quotes.

The clear light panels are located between the two windows that look onto this area, being the master and a spare room. This meets Council guidelines for passive solar access. As you can see it is very light and airy under here. I think this is the result of selecting white for the colourbond panels and the two supporting posts. This works well with the windows and screens. My Mum says that although it doesn't reduce the light in her room when the blinds are open it cuts out the glare that comes through around the edges when they are closed. This is good for her as she does shift work at a hospital and needs to be able to sleep at odd times.

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